REMAC Stationery & Packaging

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Does REMAC do Printing?

No, but we are happy to arrange competitively priced printing for you through quality, reliable trade printers. We sub-contract screen printing to high quality reliable screen printers - remember that the quality of the finished product starts with the quality of the artwork. Screen printing cannot resolve the same details as offset printing - talk to us about setting up your art if you are in any doubt.

2. What paper weight should we print on and supply you if you are encapsulating sheets into ring binders?

Generally the rule is - the heavier the better. Minimum weight is about 170 gsm up to about 210 gsm for ease of handling.

3. Should we supply printed material trimmed or untrimmed?

Supplying trimmed stock generally ensures that there will be no "accidents" and that stock will be cut to you or your customer's requirements. Call us for trim sizes for your order.

4. What are the sheet sizes for encapsulation for your standard products?

Click here for a pdf of the standard sheets sizes.

5. How should we send artwork to you for printing or foil stamping?

Most printers work from PDF (Portable Document Format) - they should be supplied in the highest resolution and set to the actual size to be pre printed whether digitally, offset or screen printed.

Please note that foiling is a "black and white" process - you will need to supply us with an image that is black in the areas to be foiled and white for the material on which it is to be foiled - we cannot foil "greyscale" images.

6. What rings are available in ring binders?

We stock a range of round and D rings for the binders that we make - from 16mm capacity to 65mm capacity in 2, 3 and 4 ring formats - talk to us about availability - some of the less popular shapes and sizes might not be in stock.

7. What colours are available?

Almost every colour from black to white - click here to see the colours of PVC that we keep in stock, or here to see polypropylene colours that are available. We cannot match PMS colours, but we are happy to send you sample pieces of sheet PVC or polypropylene so that you see which matches your need.

8. What are your trading terms?

For approved customers our trading terms are payment net 30 days from date of invoices. For first time customers we ask to pay on delivery or pick up of the goods and we will ask you to supply some basic credit information. For larger, non-account orders, we will ask you for a deposit.

You can download a credit application here.

9. Does REMAC deliver my finished product?

Generally REMAC will deliver on metro area parcel courier services that will take up to 24 hours from pick up to delivery. Customers wanting more urgent delivery will be charged for point to point delivery or you can arrange your own pickup.

10. How long will it take to make and deliver my order?

This will vary, of course, depending on the quantity, but also the actual items that we are making. We have a number of high frequency welding machines, but not every product "fits" every machine. If we are in the middle of production run, delivery time will depend on the length of the producton run that is already in progress. We will give you an estimate at any time, but we cannot make specific commitments until we receive your order or art or printed material whichever comes later. We aim to keep our delivery times within 2 weeks wherever possible.

11. How do I apply to set up a trading account with REMAC?

You can download a credit application here and fax the completed form to (08) 9309 1299

12. REMAC supply other stationery products?

REMAC can arrange supply of a wide range of stationery products through our wholesale network. Let us know what you need and we will confirm price and availability.

We also keep stock of black and white twin loop binding wire. Contact us for pricing or download an order form here and fax to us on (08) 9309 1299. Other colours are available on request